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Paul Jacobs, our 1st team coach has been involved with the team since the 2019/20 season.



He has been coaching since 1992. In this time, he was involved with various local clubs and schools, Head Coach of Middelsex League Junior Club and coordinator of coaching, provincial youth cricket teams and private academies.   



Cricket South Africa Level 3 coaching certificate

Sports Psychology Diploma

First aid Level 3

Futsal (soccer) level 1

Cycling Science Certification 



Rather than having a single overriding philosophy,
Paul believes one should adapt and be willing to adopt several.


Afterall it is the man who adapts the quickest to adverse and
changing situations who ultimately overcomes them first.


Cricket is unique from a coaching perspective in that the attention to the individual pays highest dividends long term to the team. In essence you manage a team but coach an individual.


True coaching is customizing the development timeline for an individual maximizing their natural talent but simultaneously nurturing technical skills, building mental fortitude and enhancing tactical awareness. This can not be optimally achieved in a team practice environment over a short period of time.


Striving for excellence but maintaining an empathetic outlook is key as creating an aspirational, energetic and competitive team culture is the ultimate goal.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle.


An individual team is greater than a team of individuals.


Cricket team success is dependent on individual performances but if the team is not the main reason to compete then the individual’s main motivation is a flawed one. This flaw can cause cracks in the team’s armour and lead to its downfall.


The above is based on his personal experiences, learnings, shortcoming, failure/successes and therefore his educated opinion.

Paul Jacobs - 1st Team Coach