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The Annual subscriptions were approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 14 August 2021.

The subscription payable per category is as follows:

  • Senior Men – R990,00

  • Students/Scholars – R600,00

  • Social – R550,00

  • Willows – R700,00

  • Juniors – R440 per semester/ R880 per season

Annual subscriptions shall be levied in terms of categories as defined in Clause 8 of the Constitution

The category in which players are graded is determined by the situation at the commencement of the season.

No player shall be considered for selection if any part of the subscription remains outstanding after 31 December of each year.

Notwithstanding the above, the Management Committee shall have the right to grant any member an extended period for the settlement of dues. Applications for extended payments shall be made in writing to the Management Committee.

Funds accrued from subscriptions shall solely be employed for administration purposes and the acquisition of playing equipment. Coaches, players and players incentives shall be funded from sponsorships and donations received for that purpose.

Only members who have paid their subscription by 30th March shall be 6 eligible to vote at an AGM.